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Welcome to Literary Kicks, a website about literature. It's also about music, philosophy, Internet culture, pacifism, visual art, world history, literary criticism, pop culture, politics, bad television.

This is my website — the name is Levi, nice to meet you — and I basically publish anything I think my readers will be interested in. I've been doing this for 21 years, so I guess it must be my idea of fun.

I also post literary links on Facebook, and occasionally post smart-alecky comments about whatever is going on in the world on Twitter.

I don't often run contributed articles, but if you have an idea that seems to be right up Litkicks's alley, please pitch me at litkicks@gmail.com.

You can also use that email address if you'd like to call my attention to a book, but please know that I absolutely do not review emerging writers on Literary Kicks. I am stating this emphatically because many young writers or their publicists put a lot of effort into sending me very clever emails inviting me to read their newly published novels or short story collections. But I simply don't have time, and I only select new works of fiction to read based on word of mouth. (I make a living as a software developer, and I never have enough time to read as many books as I wish I could.)

Please query me before sending review copies. My address is:

Literary Kicks
PO Box 751246
Forest Hills, NY 11375 USA

Now ... if you'd like to hear about the ancient history of this website, and all that madman stuff, you can read my memoir of the Silicon Alley boom and crash (1993 to 2003). It's a pretty good story and I'm still planning to publish it as a book when I can find the time for one more round of revision.

Here's a June 2015 podcast interview at BreakThru Radio in which I talk about the history of Litkicks and lots of other things.

Here's an interview I did at The Nervous Breakdown on the 20th birthday of Literary Kicks.

I built this site because I believe literature can change the world. It hasn't yet, but that only means we're not writing hard enough yet. Hope you enjoy your visit to Literary Kicks.

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