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LitKicks has been inviting poets to submit their work for public review and response since 2001. 2008 was a lively year for "Action Poetry" -- a few writers have become new regulars, and many excellent newcomers have dropped in as well. We hope regulars and newcomers will keep up the good work in 2009. Here is a random display of some of the best poems from 2008.


6 Responses to "Action Poetry 2008"

by Steve Plonk on

What happened to the Action Poetry archives?


7 whole years and still going strong....long live Action Poetry!

by Levi Asher on

Steve, I haven't forgotten the early archives -- I had to move to a different server several months ago and still haven't had the time to bring the archives over. I am hoping to do it during this christmas break, along with fixing a problem some people have with their profiles.

by subterranean soul on

Good to hear about the old archives...yeah its been a great 5 or six year i been comin...Levi..Many Thanks

by dlt on

Will there be Action Poetry after/on 1/1/09?

by Levi Asher on

Yes, dlt, it's coming right back ... and I also fixed some bugs in the member profiles. Haven't gotten the archives up yet, but hopefully tomorrow ...

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