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Enraged, pent up aggresion (Please Critique

Posted to Poetry

I lye trapped, entangled by the surrounding web.
It closes and tightens around me squeezing.
My body trembles with fear, rage, aggression
I can feel my mind about to break
Crack open and lash out
Break hearts; ruin lives, stain reputations.

I fear this break, the snap, the lashing
My mind is gurgling with an intensity like I’ve never felt
The steam condenses and I feel the pressure build



The bubbles of suppressed anger are overflowing
Tickling and edging to the line
Waiting to break free and lose control,
To spin like a bottle cap on the ground

I can already hear the faint cries in the distance
The broken hearts in the past
I can feel the shrewd screams steaming over
Releasing a high pitched howl of anger
The heated moment scratches my scarred throat

My hands tremble, and clench tight
Holding each other, calming one another
Gripping tight to safe ground
They turn red with hatred, blue with suffering
They shrink, shrivel and throb.
As they shake lose from their once strong foundation.

Hear I am,
Lost in a surrounding, spinning web.
Screaming, twirling, overpowered by a built up rage
Held down and heated
Released in an open mindless rage.