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Old Man

Posted to Poetry

Old man listenin to the radio
Are u feelin alright ?
can u really hear that old radio ?
What's it sayin' tonight ?

Keeps on rockin in his rockin chair
Starin with the radio on
Old man could you even really care ?
if that radio were gone ?

Sometimes I try and talk to him
He don't make no sense at all
He just laughs as he jabbers on
words from off the wall

(interlude kinda like 'horse with no name)

passed by his house
just the other day
the old man he up and died
for some strange reason
I just had to stay
'til they carried him outside

well they wonder'd what the cause of death was
the doctors they all had doubt
I wondered if I should have told them that
a radio tube burnt out

But I know they wouldn't beleive me
and they couldn't understand
How a broken down old radio
kills a broken down old man

(repeat stanza I, II or III)
circa 1974-78