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Damn! this is good --

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-- ...course I'm in a depression now & hence susceptible to such vast & yet humanised landscapes & wild(e) philosophy of the technique -- & reading a lot of French (to the point at which I wake up w/ French in my head & have to think my way back to English)-- but my enjoyment & admiration are genuine I think:

great paradoxically ego-sublating immersion in personal POV perhaps the only immediately workable way to make verse narrative mirror cubist Picasso sense-ally (play of perspectives some implied freeing darkness to blazing light of imagery, of an 'I' seeing), histories embedded in histories intoxicating brushstrokes of buildings & glass-crystal depths of the wine & an encouraging indeed delicious lack of guiding motif 'Illuminations'-style. ... In short: thank you very much for posting this, ....s fuckin. great. --