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The Other Half (please respond)

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This is a poem my girlfriend and I wrote together...each of us wrote a stanza, and the other responded...I wrote the first, my girlfriend the 2nd,, I guess its similar to the way Patti Smith and Sam Shepard wrote "Cowboy Mouth" but I like to pretend we're inventive...anyway...comments are definitely appreciated...

I got you all excited
left you hanging like a murderer

You bitch, why don't you hold her?
in your hand, like a man
hurting with desire

I want to more than anything,
but why lust after what you can't even touch,
when you can't kiss the blossom of her love

Push and shove,
under the yellow screaming light
try to fight,
but the feathers stay tangled in my hair

Who cares? why not just unfold yourself
like a long awaited letter
and let him read you
let his fingers dance across your fine print

Take the hint
as the silver discs twirl in the mirror
then you hear her
scream out your name
with the fire, from inside her
no more bowing at the foot of her
sleepless floating bed

Its the end of back alley days
turning tricks, giving head
there is no
back when he begs you
"fuck me"

And suck me
into your flashing red mind
where i'll find
all the soundly sleeping lullabies
you tell me when i beg to be forgotten

But i won't let you
i'll hold you tight to my memory
to my insipid promise and hot kiss
i'll keep you close, rubbing raw against you

And i'll let you
take me, far into the sweet smelling ecstasy
and make you see
what its like to dance for the queen

I was counting on that all along
more than love, more than lust
and i have embraced you and welcomed you
into the darkest, bleakest depths
of my own psyche
and i want to feel you inside me
i need to feel you make love to my misery

And there you'll see
how the inside of me, is painted pink
it makes your fingers think
and remember a land, in the sand
a castle as plain as a baby's hand
where you take me by candlelight
and i try to fight
but your love has knocked my
head to the ground, feet over sound
and i whistle sweet melodic mounds
to the trees as they play in the clouds

And i'll dream together with you there
dancing in the sand
playing in the breeze
i taste the sea on your lips
as i bury myself inside you
i want to lose myself and let you find me there,

Like butterflies filing
into a line, and they are mine,
to keep inside a mason jar
and at the cocaine bar,
i'll trade them for a key to the star
that floats inside your majestic eye
but they will lie,
and say we're only dreaming

Well, i say fuck them
they can't comprehend our love,
the depth of our mingling together,
the persistance of our passion
they will never know because they are dead
and i love you.....