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for the suggestions, dan... i'll try to check them out. now, i know that i've mentioned this novel numerous times in the past - but if you haven't read 'and the ass saw an angel' by nick cave... do so immediately. it may take you a while to track it down, (it took marty about seven months to secure a bootlegged copy) but it is definately worth the effort.

'sublime and extraordinary, the most auspicious fictional debut since robert coover's - 'the origin of the brunists'... this is a real book by a very commited writer. it may, and probably should, be a long time before we have another such.'

'it is as if a faulkner novel had been crossed with 'whistle down the wind' and then narrated by a stoned blues musician... extremely ambitious... the language is richly descriptive... a heady style, refreshingly free of the introverted parochialism of much of contemporary english writing.'
-the daily telegraph

'the book's style, it's parables, metaphors and fetishism, give it a visionary feel - all underpinned by bible black humour, and it has enough visitations, portents and religious lunacy to qualify as the second-greatest story ever told.'