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A Walk Through the Hemlock Grove (Please Critique)

Posted to Poetry

Everything feels like a distant humming
Something so lost, so deceiving, spinning in it owns meandering space
It comes and goes in waves of imperfection
Leading me, as I follow its deep dark footprints.

I follow in a disheveled staggered walk
Through dark alleys, that creaked and smelt of raw fish.
The lost wino bums sat and sulked, as they sipped down their wine, drinking their problems away.
Through lonely ere cementarys, that were littered with festive flowers that glowed with intensity.
The faint glow of candles shimmered in the distance shinning hope on my turbid walk.
It brought a happy depression to my face as I went.

The footprints led over the hill and into the valley where the sunflowers bloomed
Treated me with their sweet pungent smell, and their warm gingerly color.
Leaving me almost restless, lost in a streaming flow of joy
As the wind massaged me with it’s womanly caressing touch.

My eyes brightened and twinged as I ran through the grove of hemlocks,
The red and yellow leaves of the fall foliage swam in the entangling mass of the branches
The soft rattling soothed my soul, and left me breathless, as each color mixed to a brilliant blur of bright stinging colors.
The kids giggled and laughed as they sat and watched me run.
Their smiles and joy were engulfed by the overbodying mass of leaves.

I ran through the hemlocks and saw as they slowly faded away,
The leaves thinned out leaving the bare brown branches cold and open to the elements.
Leaving me in an open green pasture, with the sky trimming the horizon.
It looked as if the ground dropped leaving the dark blue sky to fill its space.
With curiosity I ran, the wind pushed at me, blowing my hair whipping my face.
The horizon soon buckled and fell, leaving a swirling blue sea pulsating in front of me.
It spread out long and fare, beyond any barrier.
Sandy and bare, blue and furious it moved, as a growing mass of burning beauty.

The hum came on strong and forceful,
It buried itself in me, making my face brighten with excitement.
The soft rippling of the green bushes mixed with the fury,
Leaving a sadly beautiful hum, that stretched far, faint, and nostalgic.
It left me short of breath and kicking with lost excitement.