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I looked deep into your shit brown eyes
trying to discern the truth from the lies
Embarking on a journey to what? to who?
(this isn't about you)
I take a minute to inhale the air
Alive with death
I sit in the solitude of a mind with many battles
I don't know a whole lot
but my heart is true
this, at the very least (most?) I promise you
My body is cold like a corpse
Necrophilia anyone?
I alienate people, although I don't mean to
(ok maybe I'm lying)
Will I die of lung cancer?
hacking up my insides in a pool of blood
Such beautiful colors, I think I'll take a picture
Will I ever get married and create another dysfunctional family?
My grave... a memorial to a helpless thing
a piece of lint, a mothball perhaps?
This disease is attached to me
Remove it with your pocket knife
and save it in a jar so we can admire it from afar
Lonely is the stupid girl
Slits on my wrists
My skin bares my weakness
Cover up the damage and smile
Hi, how are you today?