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The moon eats cheese

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the sun licks lollipops
the stars eat valium
and the moon eats cheese

what do you do with a pocketful of change
put it inside the laughing face
coyotes swallow oxys
the mountains tumble down
and the moon eats cheese

twelve year old children robbing the store and having children
men shooting their familys
mothers drowning their babies
and the moon eats cheese

peace corps resulting to violence
the ice caps melting
the earth.....raging on ecstacy
and the moon eats cheese

people often ask me why i am an atheist. i usually do not reply, just look thoughfully in their eyes. but this statement could be a good response, if you do not understand it too bad........your stupid. if you do cool. your probably an atheist also, if your not, you just understand it.