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you dont know

Posted to Poetry

Her legs are the cross stitching of my sofa.
Please come with me today –
I cant see him alone
You know how it is. Or maybe ive misjudged you for someone else.
Yeah id like some girl scout cookies,
Turn and smile
And watch the pompous actor attempt to understand
But you don’t know
You don’t know man
You say go to starbucks, not the church.
The church is for worship.
Well whats starbucks for then, asshole?

You don’t know
You don’t know man
You say you do,
But when it comes down to it
Ive come down to it
And ive done things while you were sleeping
Ive done what you write about,
And I have tasted the fruit that cast men out of the garden
And you bet yourself I was cast out

And you don’t know
You can say you do,
But I see it on your face
And I read it in your eyes
And I sung it with your ears
Listening intently – wishing to regurgitate my feelings

While she lie there, unbeknownst to her
My mind was elsewhere, unbeknownst to me
My car was gone when she woke up
And the next day I had a story
A BMW chased me away from her heart
It led me astray

And now I sit
Reading your thoughts
Feeling your arrogance
And I tell you
Like Pontius told Christ
You don’t know