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let us stop now for a picture

Posted to Poetry

Thursday evening
Let us stop and take a rest
Get out your camera
When you see me –
And you say that you don’t understand
Try it again man

Could I be more right?
Could I be more your type?
Times are changing.
Maybe you should change the times
Harder to say than do.
Harder to say to you.
I know where my mind is.
And I can sense yours is on the previous page.

On top of the mountain,
Let us stop for a picture of you
Look at that stream
I want to shed my clothes, jump in
But its cold
And so is your shame.

I know where my mind is.
I know that youre on the other page.
Looking away
From me.
Looking away
From yourself
Looking into the mirror of self pity
Or is it the mirror of normalcy?
Which one scares you the most?

Arent the stars great out here?
You cant see them in the city limits.
Im sorry we got lost, but now we’re alright
We’re doing alright man I tell you.