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When Soulmates Collide....

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Flesh upon flesh,
Lips kissing, eyes,
nosese, ears, fingers,
chests, nipples, thighs.
Throbbing parts aching
To be embraced by the
hands of one another.
Soft panting becoming
Moans of desire.
Teasing flicks of the
Tongue just before
the satisfaction of
Of the warm caress of mouth.
Bodies touching,
Chills of anticipation
Sprinkled upon the skin.
Back arched pleading for
The entrance
Slow, methodical.
No need to rush,
A joining of mind,
Body, spirit and soul.
Eyes meet eyes,
Speaking words that
Can only be felt,
Not heard.
The incredible melodic
Harmony as two meld
To make one.
Rocking, gliding
Together in rhythm
To one anothers needs
And desires.
Holding onto the moment
Until they can wait
Names and whispers of
Delight in breathless
Gasps fill the air
As climax transcends
In a wave of erotic
First one then another,
Until they collide together
In a never ending burst
Of pleasure without
Beginning or end.
Bodies spent,
Collapsing together
With a untied sigh.
Tangled limbs locked
Lungs that now breath
A smile, a kiss
Another glance into
The soul.
The collision
Of soulmates in the night.

Happy 2 year anniversary to US! I love my Christopher!
How was your night?!