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in the backseat with oliver cromwell and j.a. prufrock

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-added another cigarette hole to my heart
didnt hurt, im used to it.
i thought maybe if i went out,
went about
slept around,
ran naked through town,
she would disapear.
and she didnt.

been drinking away the part of me that likes to have fun.
too much love, too much damage done.
and when i called you,
i shoulda hung up.
cause i knew what i was gonna say.
jiminy cricket told me not to.
hey said "hey man, just float away"
and i shoul've, i could've, but for some god damn reason i wouldn't
and when i said what i said, i didnt mean it.
i didnt want to hear you that way.
i didnt want to listen to your crying,
when it comes down to it, baby, youre about to be living,
im just sitting alone, dying.
i dont blame you for getting dour'
and by the time we pass this hour
ill pass out, wake up tomorrow
"hop on an eastbound train
leaving for a westbound plane"
and then ill buy groceries.