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The Flame

Posted to Poetry

Fire crackling at our feet
Licking towards us in a seductive manner
Cold air clings to our backs
A distant explosion grabs our attention
But then the fire slowly draws us back
Embers fall from their high postion in the fire
Into the cold, ashy ground
Despite their lowered position they still glow
Radiant embers, mighty warriors
bursting forth with their energy and fire
Warming all that is around them
We stand like pillars alongside it
not budging
never moving
We will be here together
Pouring from the harvest moon
Like tears of loneliness from its face
Extinguishing our flame
Our eternal fire that kept us going
Running. Have to hide from the infectious tears
We don't need them.
Glancing over my shoulder I see not even the divine rain can
put out our fire
It will burn within us-----forever