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a poem...some feedback would be appreciated!

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Wandering alone in the night
I long for subtle rhymes
Or the soft breath of morning;
A dewy kiss on my cheek.
The sky is dotted with stars
But they cannot hold my gaze.
What could I have been, devoted?
All that I'm not, and wish
Oh, for the stony silence of strength.

A wandering mind is a curse,
Blatant, not hidden
By ivy-like fantasies.
Life slips from my grip.

Sometimes, upon waking,
I contemplate the end;
It's the darkness that makes me fall.
Well, that's an illusion I don't want broken.

I could lie shattered on the pavement,
Or dead in the headlights of a passing car.
What stops me from crossing that invisible line?

The beautiful words that hold my attention
But flutter from my reach,
The hope of creation,
Permanent and pure.

Or the fear of leaving nothing behind;
Snowflakes muted by summertime.