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To K. (not sure if it's done yet)

Posted to Poetry

With the mismatched eyes,
the elusive heartbeat,
& the 4-H smile of sweet Sunday morning complacency—
Pride & arrogance with a wink—coffee with nondairy creamer?—
Colliery heart, you spit out sparks
not realizing I’m only kindling—
Future holocaust me? Five years from now somebody’s femme fatale you?—
Ah, but you’d enjoy that—you’d warm your hands over that flame—
Slide down that pedestal—

See, you glow—
Your skin reflects most everything—
The light meter overloads—
You leave me in the shade—
Still I’d be blue moon in your night—

See me scurry along after you—
It’s like chasing a fading signal on the radio—
I want a passport to your skull—
See me tiptoe around the facts
with hopes of following your hem’s trail,
correcting your spelling,
proofing your onomatopoeia,
straightening your questions marks into exclamation points—
Opaquely hoping to see where it leads—

In the middle of your decade
or at the end of your century—
Whenever you get that life-changing phone call—
When everyone wants to break little souvenir chips off your heart—
Well, I’ll bring the Spackle & paint—
What are we building up now?