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The personal energy of Jehovah

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i saw a grotesquely obese woman at the mall yesterday-
probably near fourth of a ton
her child was on a leash

i am that child and you are my obese "mamma".

an ampho' realization, mixture of constriction and relief.
your leash is short, i rarely find your face-
once i saw it, you are inconveivably ugly
i am ill with your culture (think bitches of bombs), i evacuate,
(vomit) -
seperate my consciousness form you.

futureless; is my final answer-and i am astonished i wrote that.

you sled dog with cataracts.
-consumption and blind santiation
-standardized lights at weekday twilight
-number two pencils
-bodies that reproduce and reproduce (beause everyone has a talent, unfortunatly)

silent, subconsciously i engender the remainder of my intended life.
a train progressing.
a hollow boxcar, a cliche straw amassed by the movement of the open door
a wan beautiful girl a year my senior, never more.
each of us a third aware of our direction - to die on a beach and nothing less and certainly nothing more.