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Sitting here
I think about the truths,
I think about the pains,
and I think about the lives of my fellow classmates.

Who grew up on the wrong side?
Who grew up on the right?
Who grew up with no family,
and cried him or herself to sleep each night?

Who didn't have a mother?
Who didn't have a dad?
Who lost their younger sister
in that awful car crash?

Who doesn't have the money?
Who doesn't have the friends?
Who has to work for every dime
to pay for future plans?

Who in on drugs?
Who here drinks beer?
Who puts on an outer shell
while inside is shedding tears?

Who endures the metal pain?
Who gets cut at night?
Who goes to school each day
hiding bruises out of fright?

Who here eats too much?
Who here eats not enough?
Who goes to the bathroom
doing only "secret" stuff?

Who here is the coolest?
Who here is too shy?
Who has been to sleep
with every single guy?

Who here thinks about it?
Nearly every single night?
Who here wants to leave their pain
by taking their own life?

Who here thinks that fame's the best
to get the joy they need?
Who here knows the meaning of life
starts from one single seed?

Our lives grow every day,
enduring rain and shine.
Someimtes they may wilt--
but only for a little time.

Everything we learn,
everything we share,
grows into a whole new leaf
which is enough to make one care.

Then one day the leaves begin to fall
the wind begins to blow
this -- and only now --
is the appropriate time and place to go.

Don't think that your life meant nothing,
don't think that it was all in vain,
because when you leave this life,
a new seed is nourished with your rain.