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yeah, but more importantly (no offense HepKat),

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andre breton wrote the "surrealist manifesto" and was the founding father and leader of the surrealism movement. in fact, breton had very little to do with dada, that was more marcel duchamp's gig... breton was a bit of a snob, too, because although he described surrealism as a kind of art or living, he also made it into an elite club. you had to be invited and become a member to be called a "surrealist", rather than just writing or painting under surrealism guidelines. surrealism was all about anti-censorship and anti-conformity, it was about examining the subconcious, and producing art which came from a deeper space than intellectual thought. it was due to this dictatorship of the group that dali had his falling out with breton- after breton attempted to censor a painting which dali was bringing to an official surrealist show. regardless, breton holds a place in 20th century literature because of his groundbreaking ideas about the arts. his poems are pretty cool. and he had good relationships with people like max ernst, man ray, marc chagall, federico garcia lorca, and spanish filmmaker bunuel, who dali did "le chien andelou" with... anyway, i'm rambling, which i apologise for. enjoy breton's writing- go find "the surrealist manifesto", and also some of his later poems. good stuff.