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three books

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there are three books german pupils usually have to read in highschool:

1) goethe, the sorrows of young werther

2) ulrich plenzdorf, the new sorrows of young w.
- written 1972 in the DDR, the story tells about young w.'s 'new' sorrows that are exactly the 'old'ones: love, painful with jealousy, a disturbed relationship to others, tormenting in its wounded ambition...apprentice edgar wibeau, like werther, is in love with a woman named charlotte, whom he doesn't call lotte, as werther did, but charlie... his two favourite books are robinson crusoe and catcher in the rye... he runs away from restrictions and a society full of fear and lies and the hypocrisy he feels evrywhere and hides in a summer house in an allotment area... musing about life and politics and love and holden caulfield,listening to satchmo, singing his own blues songs out into the night...painting, writing songs and speaking out his thoughts onto countless tapes...

3) salinger, catcher in the rye

- three books to read