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Red Jacket Ride On

Posted to Poetry

steal a thorny crown
and ride the four wheel roan to glory
let the marching band play on
the afternoon forever soon will end
and lead to evening freedom
fueled by glass packed engines
beauty queens and carburators
we'll steal their wives
we'll steal their daughters
turn them into love machines
so hungry they are for that up-turned collar
a jacket, worn and red
a cigarette sneer
dangling from your lip
those who know, who know that tune
they sing it daily a
whispered labored breath
screw the boss, roll your eyes
let's drive the drive
so what, who cares
we die each day
we live again
each night
ride on, mister eden
ride on, miss paradise

and in the blacking Western night
the riders rode
to make the cliff give up
another ghosted life
when dawn arrived
two cops showed up
and peered about the edge
said one -
huffed the other
slapping hands
to keep them warm -
hey, it's cold
let's go back inside
where the heater's on