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-At the Last Minute-

Posted to Poetry

In the beginning
I kept calling
but the phone was busy
and so I knocked
but noone was home

It was a bad connection
after all
and at the last minute,
it was like I could hear you screaming
hello hello I'm here are you there
but by that time
the line had gone dead.

The door bell rang and it
was you
at the last minute
asking me to let you in
from the thunderstorm
you decided to run out in
but I didn't hear it ring
I was listening to my

It was a bad connection
after all
and the static was getting
so loud I could hardly
hear you calling my name
and at the last minute
I realized I was the only
person on the line
and so I hung up.

You knocked on the door
and for a second
I thought it was
someone I knew
but then the wind blew
and at the last minute
I locked the deadbolt
and crawled back
into bed hugging my
pillow since it
was the only thing
that remembered
my dreams.

At the last minute
your eyes are like
soft cloth trying to
rub out chalk on a
with your tear
but the chalk isn't
chalk at all
it's graffiti
etched in deep
and at the last minute
you still don't
what's been written
can't be erased.

The years went by
and I kept on
calling on the phone
and knocking on the door
and the months crept up
like a snake and
week by week
the sound of my voice
echoed off empty
stealing my days
like a thief
snatching seconds
up from a watch
with no face
and at the last minute
it was ten years later
you longing to
come back in
it was
a bad connection
after all.