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Pawn to K10

Posted to Poetry

i am the white pawn
one square at a time
but it's a race i
cannot win,
she thought,
staring up the squares
and down the
rabbit hole

ok then,
chess it is, he smiled,
but i enjoy a challenge,
and she agreed
and he moved quickly,
black pawn to K10, then
wrote it down.

she looked at him
checking the table
for the maid's gloves
and a drink to
make her tall enough
to reach the board.

all serious chess games
are notated,
he informed her,
with a sly wink in the
shine of an eye
she wished she could
melt through.

and then she thought three
moves ahead,
staring at the 8x8 matrix
and all the possibilities
of threat
and capture

i don't
she said, grinning.
no, we don't need to
take notes.

the mad hatter smiled.
come here, my pawn,
he said with a twisted
cheshire grin.

mate in 5,
she said
and he crept
through the