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your walk toward...and away

Posted to Action Poetry

when you leave there will be so many things i will want to tell you.
so many ways i'll want to make you turn,
see me
and stay.
i'll hold back my tears
wiping my heart strings from my face
and smile at you
hoping you'll see how brave i can be,
how i'm holding in the words,
"please stay. don't go. please. i...i..."
we will have fucked and made love
and kissed and held
and laughed and walked
in the days oncoming.
but i worry,
worry about watching you walk away.
seeing your beautiful boy shoulders
hold all the memories you possibly can carry
of me,
this girl
back here,
behind you.
i know you'd say,
first things first sweet kate,
and tell me all those incredibles
holding me from here to there
and back again.
but envisioning your walk toward me
makes me anticipate your walk
wherein you will take pieces of me with you,
hanging on your shirt sleeves,
residing in your back pack
held in the length of your smile.
and all i can say is,
i adore you
and i'm standing here