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My Thoughts - Please Critique

Posted to Action Poetry

My Soul has been hastily charred,
My heart has been left thickly barred,
My thoughts, so great, have barely escaped,
from what people call the emotional rape.
"How did your thoughts escape," you ask?
"why did they not flee?
Why didnt my thoughts float away?--"
because I needed them--more than anything--to stay.
My thoughts are what means the most!
I will never give in to starting a wretched boast.
I will stick up for the what in my mind is right
even if it ever involves again that dulled gray jagged-edged knive.
I can't seem to forgive that one person--
that man, he attacked me at night for little to no reason.
He took my hearts solid glee away from me
and left my expanding soul like dog with a flea.
He wanted me to to give in to him,
to tell him that he was committing a terrible sin.
But... I couldn't bring myself to say
'You know, your right, so please hurry on your way.'
I know what he tried was more than horribly bad
I just can't let go of my thoughts, my lovely thoughts, on how he was over-the-edge sad.
I wish I did say, 'Fuck OFF! Get away!'
But he will have to learn what he did the hard way.
The memories at night will make goosebumps rise,
they'll make him notice what I realized.
His life is now dangling on a line like a fish, hooked into mine
and he shall never forget that, even in the longest or happiest of times.