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No day is complete without COUNTERINTELLIGENCE

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Enchanted Night

opponents meeting in
church candles and flowers, serving
their fish pond, walks that
were turrets, nine fireplaces, seven of
rosewood, a widow's walk
words like rivalry and karma
and grudge match and
tense security
tiny in the
unfolding of this colorful
body in the mouth
spew words like nastiness
pride and spirit,
stupid people in the jet
gunfire in a hotel lobby sell out
to quiet evenings, meaningful roots,
nightly walks
joined at the hip,
Jaguars receiver
a great rivalry,
Jaguars receiver
the soap opera

The Lost Explorer

the physical changes observed
in space flight -- among them
bone loss, disturbed sleep, bal-
ance disorders, loss of coordina-
tion -- are much the same as
those observed in aging, why
My eyes twitched and there were
red marks on my face. But we need to address the
problem carefully in a way that doesn't kill the
goose that lays the golden egg
a wide variety of places
cool shady rivers
The End: Endless

Crazy Weather Ahead

machines and mirrors
to slow the Rams
20 to 30 years
or some equally murky
time of real fighting
-- this is not a metaphor
be more nervous and pessimistic
Be afraid, Wizards. Be very afraid
examine the broken glass,
be the subject
the lion slayer
the gas

The Girl & the Fig

A white-trash romantic
the wide eyed Victorian
to mediate between
penis and vagina
Why? Because
to walk away
perpetuates war
Suffused with eros, this
war has emerged
foodstuffs of war
she saw the apple fallen
she squealed
was that me?
What shall I do.
that war; was the word in use
hard-knuckle bush pilots
come back and the mosquitoes wake up
Just as much as
meals hunger strike in sympathy