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Lifes wizdom (please critique)

Posted to Poetry

It is said that we all look for the meaning of life
And the surprize of when we do not find it stabs like a
Gouging into us, peircing us, scraping the bone
We feel the cold blade resting inside as we die alone
Lieing there while the poisonous blade corrupts our veins
Replacing the blood that from our veins does flow
Filling our minds with bitterness and despair
Making us unable to feel, love or care
Wizdom replaces these youthful ideals with age
The real world trying to escape its cage
A cage of parents trying to make thier child better
Not telling him of the dead, enslaved or of the debtor
But sometims something happens to one of these children
Like seeing a loved one lying in a coffen
These youths gather lifes wizdom while thier still young
They have the wizdom yet questions still burn thier toung
These questions can be answered by no one
Whats happenned has happenned
and now its done