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to watson, zander and one among others

Posted to Action Poetry

i waited for months to hear from you
and all i get is,
"i'm sorry".
you're a fucking apologist,
you're probably sorry for that too.
i was on the brink,
the brink of loving a person like you.
what does it fucking matter?
you with your indecision.
you with your sad derision.
you with your impositions
on time
and hearts
and space
and mentality.
now, you're right
there's someone who is capable of giving me more,
more than you could have ever dreamed.
that, my friend,
has nothing to do with me.
and i'm sorry,
oh wait,
that's your line.
he, this other someone,
has stumbled upon me,
calls to ease my sunday stomache aches
(did you even know i had those?).
he's willing to travel hundreds of miles,
just for me.
i never did refund that greyhound ticket.
but what does it matter now?
i thought,
when you didn't have time for me,
needed time to get your shit together
you and i could be friends.
but you seem to be digging,
and digging
and have no clue what's on the other end.
i thought, at one time,
it might have been me,
over there,
waiting for you.
but now,
now my dear watson
you've hurt me.
and really
what more can i say
but that.