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how can your faith be unfaltering until something horrible happens to you?
don't you understand the physical world? is this an epic opera of benevolence?
you see. you know. you live here with me in this world that crushes, that drips poison, that bastardizes holiness and hides like a thief in the night.
but now you are the victim and the quest is over. you won't spend your life being pissed on, dreaming of some super-rational levation orgasm.
first you create a high love, then you believe you see holiness. and this earth steals holiness long before it thinks to disintegrate the container for your Big Mac.
but that is not your revelation.
your revelation is that it is so horrible to be hit; that there is no need to quest and claw after the Taj Mahal because you are realizing your superhumanity through grief, through feeling the gush of floodwater ravaging you, filling your temple and weighing itself against the heaviness of the cosmos.
and you see the journey now, you truly see it. and you go, you truly go.
and you are not headed towards any transcendent shine.
go. go hauling the weight of our bloody realm.