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Red coated parasites

Posted to Action Poetry

Crawling all over my place
Looking at every nook and cranny
with dollar signs in their eyes
They even have a key
to my sacred house
and can come and go as they please
like a wiley little mouse

I can't stand it
My magic house
is like a hotcake
fresh from the oven
and everyone wants a bite
but they didn't give me
any ingrediants

Invasion of a hermits privacy
My own inner sanctum
open for the public circus
show, little fat roly poly women
In red coats, giggling at "how quaint"
it all is.
"ooh are you the artist of that lovely stuff on the wall????"
"yes i am" (no I asked picasso to come here personally you dum cow)
"I love how you've done your kitchen!!! So talented!"
(smiles thru clenched teeth)
"thank you...yes I had fun"
( I was smashed off my face on some really good weed
and in touch with the goddess who painted these scenes that I have to fucken leave here
for some dipshit to paint over with putrid off white)GO GET FUCKED
I don't like this
not one little bit
and ms misery orc
in mothers dwelling
"she should take my generous offer
Of 40 grand for a house that's priceless
I know that's what her mother would've wanted"
Yeah right
like you knew her soul, bitch.
I'd be happy in my mothers house
the pros outweigh the cons here
not a poem
just ranting.
(really I'm not a violent person
but how I'd love to smash her face in
or watch her die painfully from belladonna berry muffins