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6 days

Posted to Action Poetry

With only 6 days to go
Im in a state of woe
Awake and restless,
mind fluttering to and froe

Friends to kiss good bye
Enough weed for one last high
Im going to miss the room, this home
A sadness I can't deny

Metartial belongings packed up once more,
most left behind as I walk out the door
How many trinkets can one fit in a pack?
I once thought sentamentality such a bore....

Greenstone and bone,
reminders of home
Crystals and photos,
Im never really alone

Piercings and braclets,
rings and anglets
Each with a story,
a memory that is sacred

Ahhhhh now I see,
why sleep wont bless me.
Tis naught to do with sadness
but excitment and glee

For in 6 days I shall leave,
to see what mischief I can weave
In a land far a away....
one you must see to believe

So farewell my friend,
though Im sure tis not the end
I am but a Transient,
traveling round the bend

Actally theres only 2 days to go now and I should be packing.