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How did you turn
six into two?
(aha our magic family line
of mathmatics, ain't in you too)

Ok, just off the phone
can't leave you alone
I must've felt last night
your excitement alright

Cause I couldn't sleep
inane giggling and smiling did creep
cos although we're related
our relationship is past dated

You are part of my soul
where you fly, I will go
I love you Magic man
and know that I can

Feel you at times
stuff all the rhymes
And practice your pois
and buy me some toys!

stop Laughing!
It's not funny!!!

Ok my magic cousin dude
I no longer be rude
Have a great trip
let the fun rip!

Love yah love yah love yah
so much
and...our always true.

(can you NOT be my cousin in the next life? ok?)

Love to you..always...Mandy

(by the way, you write a damn fine poem..if you manage to find a computer in the jungle...leave some got talent BOY!...well *sniff* ARE related to me!!! heheheheheheheh which is also why you're so damn spunky!!! rah hahahahahahhahahah!!!!)