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I wrote this poem the way I did intentionally because it's through the eyes of a character named Toby Wallace who appears in the two works I mentioned in parenthesis at the beggining of the piece. Toby Wallace is a novelist who embodies the archtype of the "Crazed Author". He has a conflict between his talent and his mental instablity. Since Toby Wallace is the almost strictly a prose writer, I wanted the work to give off the feeling of someone trying his hand at poetry (hence the title) on a lonely drunken night, but ends up creating something that more closely resembles the style of writing he is most familiar with. The style is purposefully choppy and unstable to reflect the erratic nature of the characters mind (and his level of intoxication). If you read "Toby Wallace: The College Years" and "Crazed Authors", the poem will make more since. Open up the "Stories" section in my profile and you'll be able to find these two works.
I consider "TWTHHAP" to be more of an experiment than anything else. In retrospect, I should have put it in the "Action Poetry" section because it came off the top of my head, but then again I didn't intend for it to be spontaneously expanded upon by other writers since TW is my character so I put it here instead.
Thanks for responding though.