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i cant shut up tonite (waddaya think of my rant?)

Posted to Action Poetry

i wanna just talk about how pissed i am but it seems so much easier to mindlessly wander and stumble
through the keys and the computer screen
great scenes of let downs and
"hope we'll move forwards'"
race diaganally (whizzing flashing popping scattering and smearing brain matter like katsup packet under my doc marten)
through my mind
pimple forming on my head...hell no its to big it must be a tumor
yeah a new never before seen brain matter tumor
when i squeeze it
i will become sillier and less interested in things that scare me

you see........there will be no matter
if i squeeze it until morning or until i am to dumb to realize i am draining all my matter
then life will be simple
just park me in front of the window facing the brick wall and every now and again wipe the spivel from my chin and take away my cathater bag
its your problem now
i have squeezed out all that matter(s)...enough to not care that ive shit in my depends