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language frontiers

Posted to Action Poetry

i read and i write some days through the night
i kick it on here and then click dissapear
i draw from a well
not all ways do i comprehend the words that you send
the names lots are new
for this i thank you
the history unheard
i would not know did occur
never is there a time that all is at hand
learn my way across this superball unp-land
i cant keep up
this pace is gruelling
people all over this place all fucking and duelling
i live wit my girlfreind in a house that shes buying
i been too aggressive and theres no use in lying
coz im a lover and a fighter
but all on the wrong nighter
say have you got a lighter
coz im hanging out for a cone
i woke up in water clear as dads glasses
then tripped up on the truth and we fell on our arses
there'll be no more of that
and alot more o this
peace to the lot
may the quarrels desist MYCULL BRAZELY

"aint got no quarrells with god, aint got time to get old
lord knows im weak and wont somebody get me off of this reef" bradley nowell SUBLIME