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Magic message to the people

Posted to Action Poetry

To all those who have helped me
along my magic way
I want to say thank you
In every possible way.
Also, please forgive
my crazy rants and chants
and in the midst of my confusions
If I stood upon your toes
forgive...for in confusion
I didn't really know
I have been through alot
as you all know
Grief of the biggest kind
Magic of the biggest kind
love of the biggest kind's all been rather intense.
So now...I say...time today
To start it all anew
Thanks for being in my story
Thanks for sharing my falls
and my glories
thank you for being there for me
Thanks for your words of wisdom
thank you for yourselves.
I shed tears in gratitude
I was always told I was special
I never knew why
I'm special cause of
all you guys.
Who believe
Time for me I think
to shed the final tears
and release
for tomorrow
I put on my green shit kicking boots
and go out and kick it
for myself.

I'm taking a break from
litkicking too
but in the evenings
when words float and
need to be said
this is where
I'll empty my head.