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tell me you're sorry

Posted to Action Poetry

boy, can i tell you how i have stood,
glued to the floor by my own hope
waiting for you?
i don't think i can.
i don't think i want to.
i have felt
poured my heart and all its contents out
and named them yours
if you would just stop for a second and see me
but you wouldn't.
you still won't.

tell me you're sorry, babe.
tell me you weren't ready
tell me you were scared
just tell me...
tell me how you want to jump into my waiting arms
tell me how you love me
tell me how you miss me
tell me how you want me
tell me you've made up your fucking mind

tell me you're sorry, babe.

and i'll tell you
you make me tired
you make me angry
you make me want to scream
you make me...
so many things.

but it doesn't matter now
because i can move again
i have realized you were an empty dream
and i just don't
want you