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make that monday morning and noone can trust me

Posted to Action Poetry

I wear my fetish on my sleave
and i sound strange when I sneeze and
and as far as you can see
I've never felt the need to smile

And all the while I've been here
I've had nothing to say
and my mind strays too far from here
and you don't like how my name is spelled
And I'm always yelling when you can't hear
a single word I seem to mumble

And my love is lust
But you don't trust me, you might be a victim
of my admiration, my adoration and you shove me
into a filing cabinet with the rest
because my hair's not dressed
and my hair's too long
and my head's a mess
and I've never confessed any sins
and never had anyone to confide in
so I'm always shy and I'm hiding from view