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ass-tral annie (a sorry fable)

Posted to Action Poetry

astral annie
didn't have
much of a fannie
but she blossomed
into one hell of
a locomotive bitch

she boxcar'd on tracks
laid down by the Stones
while blowing your whistle
before it went unnderground

some say she learned her trix
from the back of cereal boxes
but we all knew different

some corned flakes is all it took
for her to sweeten you milk
but watch out for her choppin bananas

the fruits learned to stay away
when they heard astral annie one day
talkin about the grits and squeeters
the likes of which stood ten feet high

now this is really about nuthin'
as your can clearly see
its just some practice before i pee
too much coffee and not enuff tea
has made me a Mundane lame as can be