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the ghost of whipps ledges

Posted to Action Poetry

you can still hear his cries
if you listen carefully
& the wind is blowing just
right, in a cave up along
the silver/grey outcrops
of whipps ledges the boy's
voice is still wedged in rocks
caught by the head between
limestone that will not move
a hellgrip of defiance
clear of any type of logic

they dynamited the entrance
to the cave when it was over
sealed what was left with
concrete, a subterranean
maze blocked by the hand
of the upperworld, full
of secrets & abominations
the stalagtites, batshit,
cigarette butts & old
rusting cans all lost
in the merciless dark

the kids still hike to the
cave entrance, smoke joints
& drink beer in the twilight
in front of the doomed cave
entrance, initials scrawled
into the concrete with a
metal point, spraypaint
with the words he who
enters shall never see
the teary light of the day

-- markk