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monday nite ritual

Posted to Action Poetry

'what day it is?' nate asked
as if this were some kinda game
but he didn't fool me this time-
i knew he knew that it was monday
and tonite was when wwf was on tv,
as if it isnt always on tv thru
broadcasts or videos rented at
blockbuster or hollywood video,
and this is the nite soo & i
go to kiki's mexican food restaurant
and join up with another couple
for a fine home-cooked meal
of chicken fajitas or enchiladas
always with a side of refried beans
and spanish rice and dont forget
the tortillas off the hot plate
-another cold beer please- and then
about halfway thru the meal we order
either a cheesburger with six packets
of mayonaisse with a little bit of fries
or one meat taco - no cheese please-
and that side of refrieds and rice
specially cooked for the wrestlin man!
needs his protein for another nite
of triple h and stone cold steve austin.