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a reading from the book of the horizontal trance

Posted to Action Poetry

(this reading in a diamond
of time, clearcut prism
of flickering images)

i'm in a trance
horizontal & enternal
like a picket fence
higher in some places
lower in others; like
a pipeline from a
nocturnal source
that runs to a teal sea,
bulging as it passes
over hills, as thin as
a pencil where it
traverses the forests
of conifers, silent

(i receive these things
from you in a mighty trance)

roads are not ribbons
of asphalt, they open up
from 2wo lanes, to 4our
6ix lanes in open
cities, double-decked
& overwhelmed in
collisions, devolution
into the dirt roads
where amish buggys
pass in black quiet

(let these words
go forth, fifth, sixth)

you & i are beekeepers
of the unspoken hum,
this night a transfixed
rumination of acquired
knowledge, this nest
of crossing a validation
in a horizontal trance
just another spinebone
in the infrastructure
chakras of the entwined