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Far Away

Posted to Poetry

They are gone. Piercing blue eyes that shined so
sincerely. Your eyes I thought I'd see again.

I had thought that I would go back to the Holy Land
and your spirit would still be there, behind those
eyes, breathing in your words. Giving so much.

Your bravery, your power. So strong, fully knowing

The last time I saw you, you were a lion, your heart
so warm under layers of wool in a cold land. You had
such a smile, friend.

It was hard to really get to know each other in the
circumstances under which we met, but you floored me.
You smashed that awkwardness and I felt how warm it
was, that fire in your smile.

Are you really gone?

You're gone?

You grabbed my shoulders hard and shook me in our
room in Connecticut. I barely felt man enough to call
you brother, but that's what you were. My brother.
And I want to throw death and bring you here because
now this place is darker.

But it was never dark for you.

You are far off now and I know how to live with you
far away. I love you for when you brought me close.
Into your glow.

And that place on high, that place where you dwelled,
where I was to some day return and meet again your
blue flame; you are there. I know you are there and I
will feel your warmth again. Goodbye, with love, my