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is it a uteran twinge?

Posted to Action Poetry

perhaps it is a uteran twinge,
the girl says across the table
while she dreams of the boy
who once told her
yes, god, yes.
perhaps it is simply a spasm
of the middle sort
the divine kind
the mystical magical cosmic styling.
she is staring blindly into a sexual oblivion
licking her lips
crossing her legs
and squeezing her thighs
in the broad daylight
of the restaurant
on monday.
she thinks of telling him,
come fuck me.
fuck me now.
and showing him hip circles
and lick miracles
and tounge tickles.
as she slides against the back of her chair
she feels how he fits
inside her
near her
around her
and she's on her way.
walking on a dream toward
her own personal oblivion.