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dirty thoughts in public places

Posted to Action Poetry

call it what you will
all i know is what i want
and that's you
right now
maybe it's the way
your hand holds that water glass
that causes my mind to take off
with these thoughts of mine
these thoughts that spin circles around you
like i would
if we were anywhere but here
do you think they'd notice
if i slid my hand up your thigh?
if i looked you in the eyes
while i teased you under the table?
do you think they'd notice
if you touched me the way
i wanted you to?
if we...
do you think they'd notice?
and will they notice
that i can't sit here any more?
can't sit and look at you and pretend to want this food
when all my mouth wants to taste is you
right now
yeah, boy...
i think it's time to go...