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No Stone Unturned

Posted to Poetry

He sought me in the dark of a winter night
reached for me through the clouds and the rain
When his voice called out in the void I heard nothing but echoes of a broken heart

So long I yearned for just such a love
Sought a declaration of affection
Untainted by jealousy or possession

His face is as familiar as my own
Every freckle and line seared in my memory
I can trace the outline of his body in my mind
Every nuance part of my conscious and subconscious

But I couldn't see him when he came to me
I searched in the darkness of my soul
I sought for love in the crashing waves
Wandered the desert's burning sand
But I could not see his love

I searched
I sought
I was a seeker
But never did I find him

I looked so far abroad
running from the shadows of my mind
my soul crying out to be loved
but I could not see him

He came to me in the dark of winter
And he told me that he cared
But all I heard was the echo of a broken heart

I searched so vigourously
I scanned every face
Scoured every corner of the globe
I left no stone unturned
But all I could hear was the echo of my broken heart

Maybe he'll come to me again in the dark of a winter night
Maybe he will reach for me through the clouds and the rain
Maybe he will leave no stone unturned
And I will hear the music of our beating hearts