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Posted to Action Poetry

Beneath branches laced with
silken snow--
your face, the
sweet sweat and
hard determined glow
of stern and angled jaw --
and me below--
leaves fallen from the tree
and intertwined
with length of legs --
while each soft swirl of touch
afire by knotted hands,
sending chills
of liquid bliss,
quiescence linked
with supple kiss.

Your hands deliberate
and witting,
unwrapping yielding skin
layer upon layer
like an onion
peeling toward the core,
and fitting fast
upon stirred fervent flesh
until my naked breast
meshed and fused with bounding chest,
then sure and swift repeat --
the succulent orange scent
of you
enraptured longing lips
with tears and dew.

The taste of orange and
spark of flame
fast echoed 'pon the dip
above my waist --
your arms embraced
around the earth of me,
then quick your arrow found my core
and melted into me
a blend of you
and fallen leaves.

Then me at one with
solid pound of you
made two
to one
again and then
and yet again
until your itch
exploded into
turned to sighs--
you, quenched
with yes --
the writhe
now calmed,
storm quelled
with rapt at last.

Lying calm, my head held
hushed upon your chest,
your fingers smoothing
wisps and lengths of hair
to blend upon my bend of back,
when soon the scent of
burning leaves
breathed a mute and
mingled fusion fresh --
orange scent of you
and smoke enmeshed,
our humus bed
preparing fertile soil --
my left leg wrapped
with yours,
a snake encoiled.