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hehe... i wrote this as a collaberation with my friend "serenity"

i'm having fun now!!!! woohoo!!!


sex is fun! sex is great!
get it now! 'fore it's too late!
easy come?
then easy go!
take your time
i'll go down low --
sex in kitchens
sex in bed
sex is fun
so go ahead!

panties? you won't need them, no!
sex is sex, so let her blow!

upside down on kitchen table
across the sink (I know I'm able)
i'll make you whisper pretty please
as i go down upon my knees
and when you think we're at wit's end?
I'll make you do it all again.

come here baby, give me touch
on the porch or out to lunch
under tables, no-one sees
on all fours, my hands and knees

sex is sex is sex is sex
what kind would you like for next?

sex for breakfast, lunch and sup!
I go down? you go up!
sex for dinner?
sex for snack?
here's dessert -
don't take a nap!

after sex in sweet ambroses
we'll have sex in triple doses!
when i'm naughty--i'm so nice...
sex is just the perfect spice---

please don't make a bigger deal
out of sex, just feel it! feel!
sex ain't marriage, thank the lord,
but oh what fun when you have scored!