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eyes burnt

Posted to Action Poetry

eyes burnt
into the screen
of irises, love
the fire of
desire flamed
and named
by luck,
two hearts
pulled out
from a tuck,
pulled off
pulled off
pulled off
then thrown
wild off corners
of mattresses
catching by accident
the fusing of forever
in a moment blended
with the sweet soft skin
and in and in and in
and in and in again
and out the shout
of yes oh yes oh god
oh yes you do you do you
do love me don't you
goooooddd you do you do
it's like my god, the view
of heaven has come
through the blinds
and time is time
is timed is
timed is
timed by
an eternal
you, my sweet
melt of cream
in between the
succulance of
chocolate kisses
dripped on skin
then kissed
and blissed
and kissed
and touched
and licked slick
by the all too much
of the fire of it!

let's have it
let's not
i'll never
tire of it!